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Ardent Muses

13 February
External Services:
  • ardent_muses@livejournal.com
I'm a writer, an introvert (INTJ), a synesthete, a slasher, and a fan of actors who let me see them naked. Emotionally naked, I mean, although I don't mind the other kind either. At all.

I'm weirdly passionate about Due South and Fraser/RayK fiction. If you aren't already a fan, let me know, and I will turn my full energies to your conversion. *G*

I adore both Napoleon and Illya in the Man From UNCLE, and have a neurotic fixation on Illya's shoes. Don't ask.

Stargate: Atlantis is my happy place these days. I'm primarily focused on Sheppard/McKay, but I'll try anything once. And how much do I love Teyla? Very much.

Despite evidence to the contrary, I write a story every decade or two. My little fiction site is located at http://ardent.mrks.org

Here's my philosophy on friending: I'm flattered when people friend me, so if you add me to your friends list, I'll almost certainly friend you back. At the moment, I'm struggling to stay connected, but I'm trying. I find my flist deeply interesting.

I write about my real life here. I can't claim it's scintillating to read, but it's all I've got. (On the upside, I don't update that often. *G*) So far, I've never filtered anything. If that's TMI for you, this is your warning.

I'm using a mood theme created by cranberryink. Isn't it gorgeous?

LJ disclaimer: I post adult things here just as often as I can think of them, so if you're not over 18, read with your eyes closed.

Just in case it's not obvious, I'm over 18 too!